Extension for Pre-registration Deadline

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Dear Colleague Leaders,

I am writing this to warmly thank our colleague leaders from 60 countries who have replied to our invitation emails and confirmed their participation in the 48th IPhO 2017. Until today, we are notice that there are only 30 countries which have filled in the pre-registration form, so the remaining teams are still having time to complete the pre-registration form until 20 January 2017. Actually for this occasion we have sent 107 invitation emails to leaders to ask for their country?s participation confirmation in the event. Only after we have received the confirmation we could then send the details for further pre-registration process, namely the username and password for filling in the form.

Now, on behalf of the 48th IPhO 2017 Organizing Committee, and providing time for other countries to freely response to our invitation emails, we cordially invite you again to confirm your country?s participation in the 48th IPhO 2017 up to 20 January 2017. And we hope that with this extension you can still have time to fill in the pre-registration form no later than 30 January 2017.

Of course, we cannot provide any extension after this time since we have to continue to the next full-registration process. Only after completing this step, any country can be genuinely registered as the participant for the upcoming 48th IPhO 2017 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. So, please do check the schedule that we have advised so far for ensuring your national team can truly participate in the event. Thank you.

Prof. Dr. Kamsul Abraha
Chairman of the 48th IPhO 2017.